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Download the tool and carry out a check of the motivation in the project team. The many motivational factors affect the individual project participant differently and thus the individual’s commitment and passion for the project. As a project manager, it requires empathy and active listening, to understand how you turn up the motivation of the individual. This tool is based on motivational theories from Daniel Pink, Maslows, Hertzbergs and Czikszentmihalyi and gives you an overview.

Full description

The purpose of the tool is to uncover what motivates the individual project participant and assess how the individual is motivated. The tool helps to define and initiate the right actions that can raise the motivation for the individual. Improved project participant motivation provides better project results.

When is the tool used in the project?

The motivation check consists of two templates

  • Template 1 can be used as a starting point for an initial conversation the project manager has with the participant in question
  • Template 2 can be used continuously through the project when the project manager considers that there are challenges with the motivation of individual employees

Who uses the motivational check?

This is primarily an analysis tool for the project manager. It will be an advantage if it is prepared on the basis of conversations with the project participants or interview. The form can also be prepared based on the ongoing conversations between the project manager and the participant. Motivation is basically about the fact that you as project manager honestly care about the participants.

How to do

Template 1: Conduct an interview with each project participant, where you tell about the project and your expectations. During this conversation, you also ask the project participant to tell about their background, experiences, wishes and expectations. You may ask directly:

  • What does he or she think is exciting about this project, what makes sense to him or her?
  • In which area has the person experience and which tasks and responsibilities seems interesting for the person?
  • Where does the project participant see exciting development opportunities, personally or professionally?

Based on a similar conversation, template 1 can be completed. Your view may later be verified by the participants through other conversations.

Template 2: Make a health check of the motivation in the team. This is done by the project manager, especially if it falls short of motivation.

  • Step 1: Enter all project participants in the left column and mark with a cross in the colored squares where motivated the individual is perceived. Green: Motivated and enterprising. Yellow: Fits his work and delivers what he or she is being asked for. Red: Missing interest and commitment. Does not deliver as expected.
  • Step 2: Then consider the individual project participant from left to right. If there are problems with the motivation where is the challenge? Mark with a cross in the colored squares where you think the problem exists. Where is the winner scoring yellow or red? Is it in the column under meaning? Responsibility? Development? Or the last column because basic factors are not met, for example. the physiological needs, social needs or security needs. It may also be due to dissatisfaction and other factors that slow down or reduce motivation.
  • Step 3: Then review the individual project participant from left to right and assess which initiatives you as project manager will initiate where you have ticked yellow or red. Then take a conversation with the individual participants and implement your actions in the future.

See the detailed description of the procedure in the PowerPoint tool: Check out the motivation. The Word tool contains only the templates. The motivational check is a general management tool that can be used regardless of whether you work with projects that are based on IPMA, Prince2, PMI, agile methods such as Scrum or Half Double.


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Who is airborn leadership?

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John Ryding Olsson Founder & author
John Ryding Olsson Founder & author John Ryding Olsson

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