Leadership theories and project management methods

Here you will find leadership theories and project management methods briefly described. This is a quick shortcut to many of the theories and models used in project management and leadership. Here you will find the essence of many of the management books you do not have time to read.

Explore topics like motivation, conflict management, risk management, project impact, success criteria, communication, stakeholder management, agile methods, PMI, IPMA, Prince2, program management, portfolio management – you name it!

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  • The project manager’s six leadership roles

    The project manager’s six leadership roles

    Lead the project team, the project owner, the stakeholders, yourself and the task.

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  • Types of conflict in a project

    Types of conflict in a project

    As a project manager, it is important to assess what type of conflict you are facing and then choose the solution options based on the type of conflict.

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  • Choice of strategy for conflict behavior

    Choice of strategy for conflict behavior

    As a project manager, you must choose conflict strategy with reflection. Read the counterpart’s conflict style and choose your conflict behavior.

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  • The conflict staircase

    The conflict staircase

    As a project manager you should solve the conflict while it is easy before it moves up the stairs and spreads to several project participants.

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  • Motivation according to Dan Pink

    Motivation according to Dan Pink

    How to motivate your project participants. The work has to make sense, we want autonomy and we want to improve. Your task as project manager is to set the energy free in the project team.

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  • Hertzberg’s motivation theory

    Hertzberg’s motivation theory

    Hertzberg’s two-factor theory distinguishes between factors that create satisfaction and dissatisfaction. One can think of them as the accelerator and brake. Satisfaction motivates and dissatisfaction is demotivating.

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  • Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

    Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

    The project participants are motivated by unfulfilled needs in a specific order. As a project manager, the task is to set the energy free at the project participants

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  • 7 good habits

    7 good habits

    Clear out old habits and establish new useful habits that develop your project leadership

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"Older people sit down and ask, 'What is it?' but the boy asks, 'What can I do with it?"

- Steve Jobs

Who is airborn leadership?

As a project manager I have always lacked a platform where I could click in and get inspiration, relevant knowledge and concrete tools, regardless of time and place. A wireless toolbox where knowledge came to me through the air. A help that could give me a much needed boost in my current challenge.

You have never been more important as a project manager. Projects are the engine in developing a better business, new products, improvements in society and the global transformation to sustainable energy and production. Your leadership is therefore crucial. As a leader and project manager, you are the tool that creates the results.

I hope airborn leadership can be your gateway to knowledge within project management, no matter what journey you are on.

John Ryding Olsson Founder & author
John Ryding Olsson Founder & author John Ryding Olsson

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