Power in Projects, Programs and Portfolios

This book is the international version of the best selling Danish project management book: “Power i projekter og portefølje”. Several Danish universities, higher educational institutions and private course providers use the book. The book covers the most important subjects in IPMA certification and has a very practical approach to the project manager role, providing online access to more than 30 useful tools and templates.

Full description

This book gives you concrete advice as to how you as a project manager can be successful in disciplines like defining objectives, management, planning and organization. Besides that also some “soft” disciplines like leadership in the project team, coaching, communication and conflict management. This book provides you with a long line of practical methods concerning project management and leadership by giving online access to more than 30 handy tools and templates.

The book addresses the classical methods in project management and at same time focuses on the crucial relation between the organization’s strategic goals, portfolio management, breaking down the strategy in programs, the program’s effect on each individual project process. Besides the traditional project management methods the book describes stakeholder management and the challenge of change management. And everything is based on a “how to” approach!

Contents: Power in Projects, Programs and Portfolios 

Structure of the book and overview of tools

Chapter 1. History of the Project

Chapter 2. The Project Work Form

Chapter 3. What is the objective of the project?

Chapter 4. Who will use the results?

Chapter 5. The Project Plan

Chapter 6. Project organization

Chapter 7. The Project Manager as Captain

Chapter 8. Communication and change

Chapter 9. Leading the Team

Chapter 10. Project Governance. Management of multiple projects

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Readers’ recommendation:

Just about the worst affliction an organization running projects can suffer from is viewing project management as a one-size-fits-all approach to managing projects. In Power in Projects, Programs and Portfolios, Olsson and Attrup prescribe the antidote – a holistic view. Unlike most texts on project and program management, this book systematically walks you through the different project types and with those differences place different demands on the project manager in terms of objective setting, stakeholder management and communication, planning, organization, leadership and governance.

  • Fei Chen, Vice President, Haldor Topsøe A/S, 2015 –

Power in Projects, Programs and Portfolios offers a refreshing and holistic perspective and is a must-read for anyone involved in project design, execution and governance. It is one of those books that once read will become one of the key references that you will return to repeatedly.

  • Søren Porskrog, Program Manager, Damco International, 2015 –

Authors: John Ryding Olsson og Mette Lindegaard Attrup

Djøf Publishing: Udgave 01, 2015, 452 sider, Hardcover, ISBN 9788757434095



"I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I intended to be."

- D. Adams

Who is airborn leadership?

As a project manager I have always lacked a platform where I could click in and get inspiration, relevant knowledge and concrete tools, regardless of time and place. A wireless toolbox where knowledge came to me through the air. A help that could give me a much needed boost in my current challenge.

You have never been more important as a project manager. Projects are the engine in developing a better business, new products, improvements in society and the global transformation to sustainable energy and production. Your leadership is therefore crucial. As a leader and project manager, you are the tool that creates the results.

I hope airborn leadership can be your gateway to knowledge within project management, no matter what journey you are on.

John Ryding Olsson Founder & author
John Ryding Olsson Founder & author John Ryding Olsson

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