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Here you will find all products and free content we have about sprint. Airbornleadership makes both e-learning, books, tools and project management articles, which can help in working with sprints.

Working in sprints is widely used in software projects and product development projects. The term sprint derives from Scrum and other agile methods.

A sprint is a more flexible way to execute your projects, as they are divided into small chunks. It is called agile project management because the project can be adjusted after each sprint.

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  • Power in Projects, Programs and Portfolios

    Power in Projects, Programs and Portfolios


    This book is the international version of the best selling Danish project management book: “Power i projekter og portefølje”. Several Danish universities, higher educational institutions and private course providers use the book. The book covers the most important subjects in IPMA certification and has a very practical approach to the project manager role, providing online access to more than 30 useful tools and templates.

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  • Half Double

    Half Double


    The book describes the Half Double method which creates projects with double effect in half the time. Studies show that 86% of the projects using the method reach the success criteria. The methodology has been co-created by 1 consultancy, 3 universities, 17 companies and more than 1,400 dedicated project practitioners. The book is written for all the other passionate project practitioners out there.

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  • TouchPoints: Creating Powerful Leadership Connections in the Smallest of Moments

    TouchPoints: Creating Powerful Leadership Connections in the Smallest of Moments


    Take advantage of all the disturbances as a useful opportunity for leadership. Touchpoints are written by strategic management advisor Mette Nørgaard and the former CEO of the American Campbell Soup Company, Douglas Conant

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  • Facilitation



    Create results through involvement.
    Change needs leadership in order to achieve the desired effect. If you as project leader is responsible for driving the change processes and ensure that the changes actually take place, facilitation is one of the answers.

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  • Visual agile planning board

    Visual agile planning board


    Download the tool and work visually in the project team. If you work agile or want to use visual methods in a more traditional project, then print the agile planning board in the format you need. It can be used in agile projects whether you work with Scrum, Half Double or other principles. Follow the tool’s instructions on how to build the planning board, conduct planning and follow-up meetings with the project team. The visual planning board ensures overview, short feedback loops, creates commitment and shared focus.

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  • Hierarchy of objectives and Impact case

    Hierarchy of objectives and Impact case


    Download the tool and prepare a hierarchy of objectives or an impact case. The hierarchy of objectives and impact case describes the desired impacts the project must achieve with SMART formulated objectives. It is an essential part of the project definition and is a kind of requirement specification of the project impact. The hierarchy of objectives creates a connection between the project’s deliverables and the impacts. The impact objectives are defined on the basis of a situational analysis to ensure that the project creates the desired return on

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  • Check the motivation

    Check the motivation


    Download the tool and carry out a check of the motivation in the project team. The many motivational factors affect the individual project participant differently and thus the individual’s commitment and passion for the project. As a project manager, it requires empathy and active listening, to understand how you turn up the motivation of the individual. This tool is based on motivational theories from Daniel Pink, Maslows, Hertzbergs and Czikszentmihalyi and gives you an overview.

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  • Milestone plan

    Milestone plan


    Download the tool and see how you as project manager develop a milestone plan or master plan with the project team. The tool describes how a proactive project leader facilitates the planning in the project team, so that you at the same time conduct team building and build quality in the plan. The tool shows how the planning is based on the project scope described in the objective hierarchy. The project plan is built up in workstreams with short feedback loops so that a proactive follow-up is possible.

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  • Make decisions in a good way

    Make decisions in a good way


    Four strategies for making optimal and legitimate decisions without wasting time

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  • Take advantage of today’s “touch point” for leadership

    Take advantage of today’s “touch point” for leadership


    Take advantage of any contact or disruption to consistent and helpful leadership.

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  • As project leader you must spread positive energy in the project

    As project leader you must spread positive energy in the project


    Understand the connection between behavior, thoughts, senses and the six basic feelings.

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  • Types of conflict in a project

    Types of conflict in a project


    As a project manager, it is important to assess what type of conflict you are facing and then choose the solution options based on the type of conflict.

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"Plan your work for today and every day, then work your plan."

- Margaret Thatcher

Who is airborn leadership?

As a project manager I have always lacked a platform where I could click in and get inspiration, relevant knowledge and concrete tools, regardless of time and place. A wireless toolbox where knowledge came to me through the air. A help that could give me a much needed boost in my current challenge.

You have never been more important as a project manager. Projects are the engine in developing a better business, new products, improvements in society and the global transformation to sustainable energy and production. Your leadership is therefore crucial. As a leader and project manager, you are the tool that creates the results.

I hope airborn leadership can be your gateway to knowledge within project management, no matter what journey you are on.

John Ryding Olsson Founder & author
John Ryding Olsson Founder & author John Ryding Olsson

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